Hocus Pocus Soy Candle


Enjoy this Halloween candle scented with the essence of Fall, a little bit of early morning rain and hint of something magical. Sit back and enjoy your favorite Halloween movie while you burn this candle.

We make all of our candles in small batches in our home. We use the finest products and pour love and care into each candle we produce. We love feedback, so we ask our customers to please drop us a line after they’ve burned their candle.

If you live in the Lehigh Valley we offer pickups/drop offs. Please message us if you would like to waive your shipping cost. Use the discount code: SHOPLOCAL

Reviews (4)


The first wird that I thought of after opening, and smelling this candle was autumn. To me, this is autumn air in a jar. I love the movie Hockis Pockis, and would recommend this candle to anyone who loves it to. I think this candle would also be a favorite for people who like autumn in general.

Great candles. I used them in my Hocus Pocus subscription boxes and they were a huge hit!

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