"I love it when people post pics of our candles burning in their homes. It gives me a sense of joy." -CJ

Meet CJ & Mo Taylor!
They live and work in Bethlehem, PA “The Christmas City”. Their full-time jobs are quite different from this endeavor. Mo is a restaurateur and CJ is a registered nurse, working at a local hospital. Mo grew up in Southern New Jersey and CJ grew up right here in Bethlehem.

They have always burned candles in their home. They now have two big dogs, Izzy & Stella, that smell like big dogs, so candles are a must. Izzy is an English Yellow Lab and Stella is an Italian Mastiff.

They really enjoy making candles together. It started as a crafty thing to do and then became a go to gift for the couple. Now they are making candles daily and hoping to grow a hobby into a business.

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